Banksy Petrol Head

Banksy Petrol Head - Banksy Wall Sticker

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Banksy Petrol Head – Banksy Wall Sticker

Size in cm: 60×60

The Banksy Petrol Head is a livesize sign with a person putting petrol on himself. This could very well be an anti-consumerism / anti-capitalistic work by Banksy. What do you think?

A note on the Banksy Petrol Head:

Have a look at the original Banksy Petrol Head:

Banksy Petrol Head

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Application Instructions:

All Banksy Wall Decals are stickers that are easily applied to any smooth surface. As easy as it is to apply a decal, it is also to remove from any surface. Furthermore, a number of advantages applicable to all Banksy Decals:

  1. Removable without damaging your walls;
  2. Very easy to install;
  3. Applicable to walls, glass, doors, floors, ceilings, furniture, mirrors, windows, vehicles, or any other smooth surface;
  4. No messy process such as painting;
  5. Transforms your home within minutes;
  6. Used perfect for home decoration;
  7. The Banksy decals are water proof so they fit in kitchens and/ or bathrooms.