Banksy Zebra Stripes

Banksy Zebra Stripes - Banksy Art Wall Sticker

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Banksy Zebra Stripes

The Banksy Zebra Stripes is a satirical piece, because this Zebra is hanging its’ stripes up for drying in an area that appears to have drought. Have a look at the original (below), that’ll explain this Banksy painting a bit more. A number of questions arise when looking at this painting.

Questions like an apparant one: why would a zebra wants to ‘dry’ its stipes? Also, the person appears to wash the zebra’s stripes, but since water is very limited, why would she take care of the zebra? Does this refer to taking care of the animals, even when your own resources are scarce? Enough to think and talk about, what’s your opinion?

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